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Until March 11, eight artists are effectively turning the gallery into a drawing studio. There is something new to see everyday as the artists make decisions, change directions and make progress on their art.

The Closing Celebration will be held March 11, 2023, from 2-4 pm with as many artists present as can make it.

Artists schedules:  Vicky Lentz and Francine Martin will be in the gallery most Wednesdays and Fridays until mid-afternoon. Nick Walsh will be here February 2nd,  9th, 16th and most likely the 24th. Stephen Hutchings will be here midday many days, as will Colin Smith. Jennifer Stead is always here, occasionally drawing but always happy to say hi. Amanda Balestreri will be here February 17 and 18.

Nick Walsh is an emerging illustrator from Fredericton, NB. Nick loves exploring the magic hidden in the forests and his work dives deep into the mystical, spiritual, and cultural myths of the natural world around us. His aim is to rekindle the imagination by weaving strange stories into his surreal art pieces that remind us of our role in mother nature's cosmic wheel.

Colin Smith

Colin Smith draws constantly, doodles on paper, in books, over shopping lists and has done it since grade one. The landscape is a living, moving entity, a series of slow undulations, studded with trees and potato fields.

Vicky Lentz's practice is exploratory and diverse as she move between materials, mediums and processes. In her art ideas, images, materials are always reconfigured through the process of art making, transformed during creation to be records of the creative experience.

Stephen Hutchings is working on a future exhibition  and "Fallen Tree" is a study for a large painting in the series “Theatre of Trees”. The final painting, of which this is a to-scale drawing, will be approximately 8’ high and 40’ across.

Amanda Balestreri enjoys incorporating nature into all of  her work.  She is interested in observing how humans interact with nature and how our actions have been affecting the natural world over time.  Sometimes her work can be a serious commentary or satire on where we may be heading if we continue to disrespect nature.

Amanda will be drawing at the gallery starting Saturday Feb 18. The 18th will be the only day to visit her as she is working through the family day weekend. Drop in tomorrow to say hi.

William Forrestall's subject is time and in his art he preserves moments by painting the shapes and textures of objects that interest him in that most basic of compositions: the still life. In his practice drawing is a means and a place to work out ideas for a future or concurrent painting.

Jennifer Stead drew the first of a series of long drawings, called "Meander" in 2007. 100' long, it is a landscape of the Canadian Rockies where she lived at the time. In this drawing she is working from memory and responding to all the landscapes she has cultivated and observed from many parts of the country.

Francine Martin is a painter from a small community in northwest New Brunswick. Known for her use of Chiaroscuro, a technique that has a strong contrast between lights and darks. Her still lifes and landscapes have been shown all over the St-John Valley in New Brunswick in auctions, festivals, group and solo shows. In 2018 she had a solo show at ALMAG.


February 4, 2023
March 11, 2023
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