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What is the fascination with the world of miniatures? There is something so compelling about tiny objects – not just the skill involved in making something so small and detailed, but the complete uselessness of them determines them as objects of desire for purely ornamental reasons. The possibility to make or own a tiny piece of furniture or art that we would never normally have room for, or possibly afford, allows us to create our own perfect worlds. Worlds that can be packed up and fit in one box!

After retiring in 2021, I revisited an old hobby. Exploring and unpacking boxes of minis that I had collected over the years brought back a rush of desire to start creating again. These pieces are the results of explorations into different scales and effects, ranging from 1:12 to 1:144 (a dollhouse for a dolls house). Some contain a mixture of made and bought items (many of which have been adapted); others contain all original items made by my own hand using wood, metals, fabrics, clays, paint and a lot of glue!


Sara Brinkhurst

Born in England, Sara graduated from the University College for the Creative Arts in Kent. She won several competitions and awards before graduating with a BA First Class Honours in Silver/Gold Smithing and Jewellery Design in 2007.

She emigrated to Canada in 2008, where she has continued to explore creative pursuits. These include working in precious metals, theatre costume design and making, writing and anything else that involves research and hand skills. After retiring as Director of Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre in 2021, she revisited a life-long passion for miniatures. Inspiration to finish some old projects quickly led to the creation of several new explorations in the world of mini. Sara is a Juried Member of the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council and Craft New Brunswick.

Artist Statement

My journey through the mini world started when I was around 10. I loved finding small objects and turning them into something else, and could spend hours making little pieces of furniture or accessories – from toothpaste cap vases, to string-framed paintings, to toothpick and jam jar lid tables. I have always enjoyed researching history around furnishings, clothing, household objects and living styles. As an adult, a degree in jewellery design and making vastly improved my hand skills. Finally all these elements have come together to allow me to create and build as I have always been driven too. The focus required to work at this scale is all engrossing and addictive. For me, it is playing at its finest – and an escape to fascinating little worlds where anything can happen.


September 3, 2022
October 1, 2022
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