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Rocking on St. Anne's Bay, 2019

Rocking on St. Anne’s Bay, 2019

Bernard Quintal’s exhibit at The Andrew and Laura McCain Art Gallery from February 8-March 14, 2020 is a collection of works in watercolour, exploring the many shapes and colors of rocks, driftwood, seashells and vegetation found on maritime beaches. This is done in close-up view using an imaginary
magnifying glass.
Through his paintings, the artist wants to inspire the viewer to relive the joy of discovery and appreciate the beauty of our maritime beaches, to preseve the memory of a pristine beach and to inspire conservation for the future.

“As a child I was fascinated by the rocks on the Gaspesie and Maritime beaches because they represented treasures for me. I have been fortunate to have experienced clean and healthy beaches. The rugged rocky coasts battered by waves mark the passage of time and I want to paint their history. Rocks are the principal actors in my recent works with honored guests such as driftwood, seashells and local
vegetation. I study the shore with an imaginary magnifying glass and the result of my observations is what I want to replicate. I choose to detail my vision meticulously using watercolour as the medium”.
“As I paint the many shapes and colors of my subjects, I relive the joy of discovery and appreciate the beauty of maritime coastal beaches. Our shores are in peril and I worry about their future. Erosion from storms, flooding and rising sea
levels are constant threats. Plastics pollute our seashores. I hope that my works will motivate cleaning-up and protecting the beauty of our maritime beaches. My contribution as an artist is to preserve a memory of their presence”.
Bernard Quintal


February 8, 2020
March 14, 2020
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