Mirror by Deanna Musgrave is located in the library of Carleton North High School.

Her two large acrylic works are framed in back-to-back circles to depict the mind’s eye looking into the stories, culture and community of the Florenceville-Bristol area. The mosaic paintings are full of rich red and marine blue tones and contain 35 sacred objects watermarked onto the canvas to inspire the imagination, while paying tribute to the people, way of life and rural heritage of the upper river valley. While some objects represented the school or the farming industry, other items submitted were personal in nature or given in memory of former residents who had made a significant impact on the community.

The artwork is a literal reflection of diversity, community and the “stars” of Florenceville-Bristol, she said, while serving as a metaphor for the development of global and holistic knowledge. The mirror has two sides, calling the viewer to explore facts and phenomenon from multiple angles and with varied perceptions.

Musgrave has been part of the New Brunswick art community for over a decade and is well known for the watermarking process in her work. She lays objects onto the canvas and surrounds them with water and pigment to create an imprint of what was once there. The result is a highly dynamic and fluid expression of memory, story and deep connection to water, the essence of life.