Local Nature

The latest addition in the Public Art partnership between the Andrew and Laura McCain Art Gallery and the Town of Florenceville-Bristol, “Local Nature” by Colin Smith, was installed on the lawn of the River Art Centre in fall 2021. The official unveiling will be held 12 noon on Saturday, December 4.

Colin Smith is a very well-known and respected New Brunswick artist. Smith makes enormous contributions in our region through his teaching, at the Gallery through volunteering and as a practicing and exhibiting artist. His regular presence at the River Art Centre helps to anchor the creative artist community in the town in a significant way. The unique role he has in the community and the impact he has had over many years as a teacher, mentor and resident artist reaches far and wide. For that reason, this was not a competitive call for public art, but rather a commission to a well-respected artist from Florenceville-Bristol. The Selection Committee, in advisement with a public consultation, selected “Local Nature” from the three sculptures Smith proposed.

Smith’s sculpture is a positive addition to the townscape. It adds another location of interest along the Boardwalk, become a significant way finder and part of a developing “cultural walk”. It will grow in the community’s affection and heighten community pride while identifying the cultural nature of the River Art Centre. Together the Town and the Gallery are supporting and celebrating a significant local artist while contributing a wonderful artwork to the townsite.