Bridget Nugent Rideout

Artist Statement

Art, in some shape or form, has always played a large role in my life. Early memories of my grandfather, Dr. Thomas E. Nugent, and his oil painted landscapes sparked my interest in painting at a young age. My parents have always supported and encouraged me in my artistic pursuits; they have instilled in me the passion to explore various art forms.

Acrylic painting in the abstract genre allows me to express my fascination with line and contrast. I continue to practice and explore various art media, delving deeper into the calm that finds me when creating and recognizing beauty in the every day.


Bridget Nugent Rideout is a teacher by profession. She attended Acadia University, completing  Bachelor of Arts Degree, 2004. She went on to pursue education at the University of Maine, 2006, and completed her Master’s in Education from the University of New Brunswick, 2014.

Bridget explores art through her studies and her teaching. She continues to create art in her home, and hopes to spark her love of creative expression in her children.

Originally  from New Denmark, NB, Bridget has spent most of her life reveling at the beauty of the Saint John River Valley.

She currently lives in the Woodstock area with her husband Alex, and their two boys, Archer and Dax.

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