Suzan Carsley

Updated 07/08/2015

Artist Statement

Ming Ma, my mentor, explained watercolour “as the fine line between chaos and control, a constant battle on the paper but a joy to behold upon success.”

No other medium has made me fall so passionately in love, although I have drawn and painted since I was a child.

I revel in using bold colour saturation and strong forms in landscape and architecture. I’m constantly surprised how the medium’s instantaneous qualities give way to improvisation when the transparent colour impacts the white ground.

I try to challenge myself with every painting.


Suzan Carsley, interior designer by profession, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Environmental / Interior Design) from Pratt Institute, New York, in 1973.

After seeing a watercolour exhibition by Ming Ma in Montreal in 1992, she was drawn to the vibrancy of his work and studied with him from 1993 – 1997.

For 18 years, Suzan travelled to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to paint in the exquisite Mexican light and the vibrancy of that palette influences her to this day.

Suzan moved to the Woodstock area from Montreal in 2011 and is retired from the interior design profession.  Her fervour for watercolour now manifests itself in the captivating New Brunswick landscape.

A member of the Woodstock Art Club, her work can be seen at the Creek Village Gallery and Café in Woodstock, O’Toole Gallery in Grafton, and the McCain Gallery in Florenceville-Bristol.

Appointments may also be made at her studio in Bedell.

A large selection of her work can be seen at:

To contact Suzan, call: (506) 328-6485 or email

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