Juliette Scheffers

Updated 1/27/2015

Juliette graduated from NBCCD in Fredericton in 2000. She then stayed on at the college to teach and studio tech for two years.   In 2002, she set up her clay studio in Harvey, NB – which she still maintains today.

Juliette’s specialty is crystalline glazes on high-fired porcelain clay – the first in the Maritimes to be successful in this difficult process. Crystals in the glaze are developed by manipulation of the kiln atmosphere – in fact, recreating a similar environment in which natural crystals grow. The fluidity of this glaze adds to its complexity. “It is the technical challenge of this glaze that keeps me fascinated. A small alteration in temperature or application or form changes the final result dramatically. Nothing about this work is easy. It is not for everyone. However, for me, opening the kiln after a firing, is like Christmas morning each and every time.”

Juliette’s journey in clay has been published in the Globe and Mail and the Daily Gleaner. She has done many commissions, including work for the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival and for the St. John Board of Trade. She has done several solo shows in various galleries throughout New Brunswick. Her work was selected in a juried show in Florida at the NCECA in 2011. In 2013, she was invited to Spain to partake in a crystalline glaze symposium– where 50 crystalline artists from around the world shared their knowledge and create works to exhibit in La Bisbal, Spain. She received a Travel Grant from ArtsNB for this endeavor. Juliette teaches workshops in crystalline glazes for NBCCD and teaches clay privately and through Edventures Fredericton and Sunbury Shores, St. Andrews.