Brigitte Marsden
Updated 1/27/2015


Brigitte Marsden expressed her creativity from a young age through drawing, needlework and graphic design while growing up in England.

Her Pre-Degree Diploma in Art and Design from the West Sussex College of Design was followed by a First Class Honours Degree in 3D (Interior) Design, with Art History, at Brighton Polytechnic (now the University of Brighton). After working as an Interior Designer and Draughtsperson, Brigitte trained as a classroom teacher and was the art specialist for her year group at an inner city middle school. She gained a Diploma in Graphic Design while working as a graphic designer, later moving into publishing, marketing and web communications.

After relocating to New Brunswick in 2004, Brigitte focused her creative efforts on freelance writing and photography. Her love of drawing was rekindled through life drawing classes with Cavell McDonnell at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in 2010, and her life drawing skills were further developed in 2013 at Sunbury Shores under the guidance of Geordie Millar.

Favouring monochrome media such as graphite, charcoal and ink, Brigitte enjoys exploring shape, texture and tone in figurative studies of natural and manmade forms, as well as the world of colour offered by chalk and oil pastels. Brigitte’s enthusiasm for learning and experimenting is evident in her art classes for children and adults, which embrace a variety of media and techniques.

A qualified mindful yoga instructor, Brigitte also offers workshops that combine the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with visual arts through her business, Creative Flow: