Maria Guevara

Updated 1/27/2015

Maria Guevara has spent several years of her life in Mexico, were she was born, studying pottery made by ancient artists and exploring different facets of the creative process in disappeared traditions. She holds a BA in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage from the National School of Conservation and Restoration.  Maria also completed MA studies in Anthropology with a Specialty in Archaeology in Mexico City.  She has reconstructed and repaired beautiful archaeological pots for displaying in museums.  Maria has had the pleasure to digging deep in dirt and bringing very old pottery pieces back to our present time. She spent entire weeks recovering, with all care, tiny ceramic pieces from mud to recover the amazing shape designed hundreds of years ago by an unknown artist.

Happily, her personal journey took her to Canada, specifically Fredericton in New Brunswick, to solidify her passion for pottery. Maria Graduated from the New Brunswick College of Crafts and Design, Diploma of Advanced Studies in Ceramics with honors in June 2013.  She has been developing her skills in decorated pottery with Sgraffito, an Italian technique.  Maria makes functional pottery with simple forms using the throwing wheel and also slab work, that gives her the possibility to have a surface to decorate. She combines the decoration with glazes in different colors especially yellow, turquoise and green. Maria also likes to make sculptural pieces playing with colored slips and textures. Recently, she participated in the show ‘Nature of Art of Nature’ as part of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick.   Her sculptural piece ¨Snapshot¨ was awarded with the third prize. More information and images of Maria’s work can be found at