Artist Joss Richer
Joss Richer

Updated 1/8/2015

Joss Richer

Joss Richer was born in Montreal and has lived in Fredericton since 1994. A sculptor and draughtsman, Joss has always had an interest in visual arts. He has attended classes and workshops in drawing, painting, metalwork, clay and art theory for the NB College of Craft & Design, the University of new Brunswick, and Saint Thomas University.

Surfaces fascinate Joss and he takes great pleasure in playing with them. Bold and curious, he enjoys working with various media and combining techniques. His body of work includes charcoal and ink drawings, metal and clay reliefs, as well as stone and plaster sculptures. Joss favors a semi-figurative approach to his work, with a strong emphasis on form, texture and finish. He combines his interest in the human figure, and in cosmology, the origins of life and its evolution, to create artwork where human and natural forms blend organically.

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