Donna Smallenberg
Updated 3/21/2015

Donna Smallenberg is inspired by a love of detail, graceful lines and intricate design. She paints the human figure, mostly women in sumptuous costume, with flowing hair, flowers, and jewelry – much like the earlier paintings of the Pre Raphaelite and Art Nouveau movements. Many of her paintings tell a story, using symbolism to portray something more than what appears at first glance. Donna strives to create beautiful images, dreamy and fanciful, hoping that within them the viewer will find their own place of enjoyment and imagination.Donna’s chosen medium is acrylics.

A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Donna is a self taught artist. She has spent a considerable amount of time studying the works of master artists throughout the ages, gleaning what she could from their expertise. Although she recognizes the value of an art education, she believes that hard work is one of the best teachers- taking to heart the words of Thomas A. Edison- “Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.” Donna also credits artistic friends as being valued contributors to the development of her talent.

Donna has displayed her work in galleries and art exhibits throughout North America, some of her originals have found their way as far England and Germany. She has produced prints and art cards of several of her paintings, making them affordable to the average art lover. Her prints sell steadily in Canada, the US and increasingly to overseas customers.

Donna has travelled to Alaska, Texas, Missouri, Hawaii, California and many other places teaching workshops and speaking. She recently went to Dresden, Germany with a group of artists to take part in the opening of an arts centre. Her favorite trip was to Africa- to Kenya and Uganda. While there she taught art classes in an orphanage school and painted a mural on the wall of the children’s ward in a hospital. The inspiration she received in Africa shows in her ethnic paintings.

The artist currently resides in Woodstock, New Brunswick.

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