Lorie Smith

I’m like a tree planted on the US/Canadian border with roots and boughs reaching into both countries, of which I love equally. Born in the US, but now living just across the border in northwestern New Brunswick. The people, culture and beautiful identifiable landscapes, scenes, wildlife and flowers from Maine and New Brunswick are the subjects I’m passionate about painting. I paint will oil medium on canvas. As a child of ten years old I painted, with the late Verna Hedrick of Presque Isle, Maine. The opening of the Mustard Seed Art Studio in Greenfield, NB was a life-long dream and has brought so much fun and fulfillment to the God-given, creative spirit within me. Much of my artwork is inspired by photographer’s images that love these lands too. You will see original photo credits given to photographers on some of my artwork when applicable. I am truly blessed and my motto is, paint happy!