Randy Hathaway

From the Blackfly Gazette:

“Randy grew Christmas trees for a number of years before getting out of it, but he still wanted to work with wood so he began turning wood on a lathe as a hobby in 2002. He soon realized he needed to learn more about the craft to do the kind of work he envisioned. He contacted Maurice Gamblin, who is a master turner of wood, and ended up taking a 2 day workshop with Maurice. Randy says he learned more from Maurice in that 2 days than he’d learned in a year working on his own.

Since that time, he’s crafted hundreds of gorgeous and one of a kind pieces. Every piece of wood has its own personality, and wood turners work to bring out the unique and hidden beauty in each piece they work with.

Randy specializes in one of a kind pieces in a variety of local woods, making smooth or burl bowls and vases, and cribbage boards. Contact him at A Turn of the Future at 273-3420.

Full article ‘Hands On With Wood’ By Stephanie Kelley

Hands On With Wood…