George Findlay

I have enjoyed many years of hobby woodworking.  My initiation to woodworking was back in my university days, many years ago, when I was confronted with the dilemma of moving into an unfurnished apartment.  I owned no furniture and had limited funds.  From the initial experience of restoring old furniture purchased at ‘Dow’s Auction Barn’ in Bristol and making rudimentary pine furniture in my father’s greenhouse, four decades has passed.  The years provided challenges and with those challenges, mixed results.   Projects ranged from canoes to cutting boards.  For the past three winters I have focused on various types of food safe cutting and serving boards.  The internet provides a wealth of ideas and information for woodworkers of all levels.  I enjoy the search for an interesting design and finding a way to clone it.   Project plans are not usually provided.   Two hundred boards later, I still consider myself a student and enjoy every minute of it.