Michael Khoury
Michael Khoury is a featured artist  with work in our Stairwell Gallery – a year-round, rotating exhibition of local and regional-area artist work.

Artist’s Statement

“As an artist, my primal impulse is to paint a visual testament of the mind, body and spirit. A search for identity and meaning embodies my urge to create in any theme or genre, be it in the tradition of figurative, still life, or landscape, etc., and I feel strongly about communicating my feelings.

My work deals with past emotions and images, perhaps my feelings about women, relationships with my mother, wife, children and other male and female individuals that play a part in each painting. I feel a connection to the past, my heritage, and insist on expressing my existence, my personal evolution. For me, there are no lines to be drawn between reality, spirituality and fantasy, but rather necessary connections, as I have always been comfortable with the osmosis of the three concepts. My strong awareness of physical surroundings has led me to a greater appreciation of Beauty. Both my love of life and my faith in humanity ignite my creative tendencies and define what I do. My sensitivity to the visual aesthetic, to the eclectic mix of imagery which surrounds me, creates an on-going tapestry, a work in progress, with elements taken from that which is familiar and moulding them through a personal expression. I am drawn to both the monochromatic and to the vast colour palette through which I express my fondness of anything which is deemed idealistically beautiful, especially the female figure. This in turn has made my most recent work a confident homage to ‘woman’, with an expression of subjects used with the intention to reveal a varied symbolism that perhaps may progressively define me as a person. I believe that art cannot be measured. There are no absolutes, no relations, no biases and no cultures nor religion. For me, art is about empowerment. Art takes time, commitment, failure and revisions, wakes up the imagination and stimulates new resolution.”

– Michael Khoury

Michael is living and working in Fredericton New Brunswick. For the past twenty -five years, he has divided his time between his studios in Fredericton, in Montreal, Quebec and in various studios in Lebanon and France.

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"Summer Trees, NB" 9x12 oil on masonite

“Summer Trees, NB” 9×12 oil on masonite

"Crowd at the Christ Church Cathedral Entrance" 9x12 oil on masonite

“Crowd at the Christ Church Cathedral Entrance” 9×12 oil on masonite

"April Shower-Sunday Morning: Christ Church Cathedral" 9x12 oil on masonite

“April Shower-Sunday Morning: Christ Church Cathedral” 9×12 oil on masonite